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It is now June, just two weeks away from the official beginning of summer.

I bring this to your attention because my fellow Vancouverites should be forgiven for thinking that we are still in the depths of winter. After a few tantalizing days of spring, and even a couple of proper beach weather, we are now back to the season I call the Rainy Shitness.

The Rainy Shitness is the default state of Vancouver from late October through early February. Then the crocuses come up, the sun comes out, and we have the occasional spring shower just like any other city.

At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. This summer (and as I recall, last summer) the Rainy Shitness has broken its side of the bargain, and refused to go away. I got a closet full of gorgeous summer shoes, R.S., and a pedicure to match. So enough, already!

If you share sentiments like these, you may find yourself shaking your fist at the sky and shouting angry words. But that is so old school, people. These days, existential frustration and futile ranting should be vented online.

Which is what brings me to my latest idea: @YVRrain, a Twitter account for Vancouver’s rain clouds. Instead of bitching to one another, we should take our complaints to the rain itself, and tell it just how annoying it is to wear galoshes in June.

Since this idea is so¬†easy, I just went ahead and pulled the trigger. @YVRrain is now live on Twitter. Vent your frustrations, and maybe the rain clouds will talk back. You’ll just have to try it, and find out what they have to say in their own defence.

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