ShoeCamp: An (imaginary) unconference for the footwear-obsessed

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The wonderful Madeline Stanionis left a comment on one of (several) shoe-related Facebook posts I wrote yesterday, suggesting we get together to talk only about shoes sometime. This suggests a wonderful possibility for an unconference:

ShoeCamp: The footwear unconference

With events and tracks on:

  • Online shoe shopping: Sites like, search engines and search hacks
  • Traveling with shoes: the essential packing list for any length of trip
  • New frontiers in shoe design
  • Shoe blogging
  • Best styles and sources for large-size shoes
  • Best styles and sources for small-size shoes
  • Heels: when is it worth the suffering? How high is too high? How do you mitigate the short- and long-term impacts?
  • Best shoe styles for orthotic wearers
  • Coping with asymmetric feet
  • Shoe fetishes and foot fetishes
  • Pedicure wisdom: the best colours and embellishments for your open-toed footwear
  • Sandals and socks/tights: Great trend or crime against footwear?
  • Shoe storage and display solutions
  • The great shoe swap: Bring the beloved pairs that don’t work for you but could work for someone else
  • Shoe walk: A visit to the best shoe stores in the city

More suggestions for unconference events are very welcome. Campers, you are the most obvious sponsors for an event named ShoeCamp, but Zappos, we’re open to offers.

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