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Tonight I went to a fantastic party, with the usual tech event ratio of three or four males to every female. I got into a lively conversation with another happily married woman about how that kind of ratio is wasted on the likes of us. But as for our our single friends….Well, I never go to a tech event without sighing over how great it would be to drop a couple of my single women friends into the room, so that they could appreciate (and perhaps harvest from) the bounty.

This inspired an app idea: SinglesMob. If you’re single, you sign up for SinglesMob so you can find out about target-rich environments. And if you are partnered (or generous, and non-competitive) you install SinglesMob so that when you land at a demographically lopsided party, you can signal to your single friends, hey! c’mon down to PartyX! There be lots of lovely guys here. 

Any single pals who are nearby (and they can define “nearby” for themselves, depending on their level of motivation) will receive an alert, letting them know that there is a party or conference where they can meet masses of men or women in a lopsided environment. (I’m afraid this is an intrinsically straight app: any party that is full of gay men available to pick up presumably has plenty of gay men  who are there to do the picking up.)

And it’s a benefit to the hosts, too: we all know that hookup potential is one of the key criteria for a buzzy gathering. Even if you’re not on the market yourself, it’s fun to watch the spectacle of people trying to pick each other up.  So even if they’re not running a party that’s meant to be a singles mixer, I’m guessing your hosts will be happy to have you send out a SinglesMob signal. After all, have you ever heard a party full of guys complain, oh crap, here come all the single women?

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