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Welcome to a new, singular workplace: One where employees work with AIs as well as with one another, and where we work together online as well as side-by-side. This new workplace lets employees maximize their strengths—when we create organizational cultures that invite people to show up as their full selves, and use AI to bridge differences and support effective team collaboration.

Alex can help you create that kind of workplace. In her keynotes, workshops and articles, she provides a vision for how organizations and employees can thrive at work, and practical advice how how to to achieve greater productivity and well-being.

Turn to Alex for:

  • Company and association keynotes that help professionals strengthen their productivity and well-being by developing their own best approach to online work
  • Management workshops to help you develop and execute your plan for boosting team engagement and collaboration
  • Customer-facing events and reports that demonstrate your commitment to employee engagement, inclusion and well-being
  • Private consulting to support your organization in the transition to the new workplace

Contact Alex for more information on how she can help your organization succeed in the new workplace.

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How to Thrive at Work…Wherever You Are
by Robert C. Pozen & Alexandra Samuel

You can thrive and excel when you’re working remotely, if you adopt the mindset, habits and tech tools of professionals who are even more productive outside the office: Learn to think like a “business of one,” and that entrepreneurial mindset will transform your experience of remote work.