Work Smarter with Social Media


from the Harvard Business Review Press

What if you could use online tools the way I do: to beat digital overload and focus on the work that matters most?

Now you can learn to use social media like a pro. Work Smarter with Social Media: A Guide to Managing Evernote, Twitter, LinkedIn and Your Email is a new book from the Harvard Business Review Press that shares my approach to using social media on the job.

Find out what social media power users do to:

  • Tame the email backlog and focus on the messages that matter most
  • Build professional relationships that advance your career using Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Increase your professional visibility online by using HootSuite to schedule social media updates
  • Keep your most important work front-and-center with a digital notetaking system
  • Integrate these tools to get the most out of each one, and make them even more powerful

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Praise for the series

“Alexandra has provided a practical, implementable, easy to read overview…Do yourself a favor, download this brilliant resource and get your LinkedIn profile up to date!”

Neen James

Neen James Communications

“Work Smarter, Rule Your Email starts you on the right path for learning email solutions that make communication easier. Read [it] to improve your productivity and seize the digital part of your day.”

Pierre DeBois

Small Business Trends

“For anyone looking to manage a Twitter account on behalf of their client, organization or their own business more efficiently, this is a must-read.”

Eden Spodek

Communications strategist

“I have used Evernote in a haphazard way for about a year.  I’ve been waiting for this book, or so it feels like.”

Ben Ziegler

Conflict management & collaboration specialist