Hanger card: How to have sex in the shower

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Breast hangerToday I had one of those illuminating conversations that made me glad I transgressed my personal boundaries by over-sharing. The result was that I gleaned an awesome parenting tip — or was it an awesome sex tip? — who recommended the shower as a great place to have sex while evading one’s children.

But her suggestion raised some mechanical questions. After all, depending on your shower and the relative heights and preferences of the parties involved, this game plan may not be that easy to implement.

Which leads me to a potential solution: the shower sex hanger card.

The ladies in the audience may be familiar with the hanger cards that hospitals and clinics give out to promote breast self-exam. These hanger cards diagram the steps in proper self-exam and encourage you to tackle the job while in the shower. If you really want to go full creative on the activity, check out PlugLust‘s review of the top sex games you could do while in the shower. Adding a bit of challenge to something you often do is always fun.

Why not create a hanger card for shower sex? It could suggest some possible positions and offer tips on safe sex, too.

Of course, you may not want to leave an explicit hanger card dangling from your shower head. Then again, if you’re trying to keep your kids from invading your shower time, putting graphic sexual images in the shower may be just the ticket.

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  1. Rob Cottingham

    Sooo… just spitballing here (not that spitballing is a sex thing) (so far as I know). But what if the hanger card looked perfectly innocent (say, “For the sake of our environment, this hotel will only change your towels if you leave them on the floor”) when dry, but once you splashed it with water, the racy stuff would appear (and would persist until the card dried out again)?

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