How to Parent in a Digital World: Resources

Looking for more resources on family technology? Here are key resources and links on digital parenting.
More reading and resources on family technology

5 reasons to consider putting your kids on Facebook

When deciding how much to share online about your kids, there's no right answer. Some people are hyper-vigilant and post nothing. Others are super-relaxed and post anything. We fall somewhere in the middle. When we talk about our kids online, it's using pseudonyms...

Star Trek for kids

Many parents focus on preparing their children for a digital future by working on their basic math skills, helping them use a computer, or even teaching them the basics of programming. These parents are fools! If there is one thing I have learned from working with...

The geek’s guide to child-proofing: how to keep your tech safe from baby

With the wisdom earned from six years’ of childraising, two destructive children and four or five figures’ worth of maimed technology, I’d like to weigh in on the neglected side of childproofing. Because once you’ve figured out how to keep your baby safe from your stuff, it’s time to figure out how to keep your stuff safe from baby.

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