Collaboration lessons from Die Hard

This article is just one long spoiler for the movie Die Hard. If you haven’t seen it, you should—it’s a classic! Unless you hate seeing gunfire; then you should really not see it.   We often talk as if online collaboration is a new challenge, one minted by hybrid...

What Mastodon means to your work

Just four weeks ago, I posted that I was officially, permanently worn out with social media. But it only took three weeks to change my mind. And four weeks for me to see that a better version of social media could create better workplaces, too.   Hope looks like...

10 ways you can tap the value of the Delicious community

A social bookmarking service that draws value from both its user and developer communities, Delicious makes it easy to keep track of your favorite web sites. Here are 10 ways you can tap into the unique value of the Delicious.

25 rules of social media netiquette

This entry is part 12 of 39 in the series 40 years online

The quality of our online communities depends on the attitudes and behaviors we bring to it. But Emily Post can’t always help: life online demands new ways of interacting. The term “netiquette” was coined in 1983, the same year that brought us our first list of guidelines for online behavior. The 13 rules laid down in 1983 are still as relevant as ever, but social media has brought new challenges and thus, new best practices. This post rounds up 25 netiquette rules from across the web, covering both longstanding and emergent principles.

10 ways you can help to build the Internet

This entry is part 7 of 39 in the series 40 years online

You can help to create the Internet without writing a single line of code. You can help create the online world in which you and your children are going to live. This post maps out 10 ways you can help with that important and rewarding work.

The risks of risk management

Risk may not be something you always want to limit online. This post tells you how raising the stakes of your online participation — by posting under your own name, by giving your blog’s URL to your colleagues, by being more candid and authentic in what you say online — can increase the value of your online engagement.