This blog rounds up my posts from around the web, including for the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal and Medium.

So Much Great TV. How Do You Choose?

This feature for the Wall Street Journal landed on the cover of their Trends Report, with a teaser on the paper’s front page. That visibility spoke to the broad appeal of this story mapping out the best way to organize TV viewing, along with an original infographic I created myself.

How people feel about sharing a name online

Thanks to the Internet, more and more of us have digital doubles: people who share our name, and may often be confused with us. I try to keep track of all the other people out there named "Alexandra Samuel", and yet I also feel vaguely uncomfortable with the fact that...

Personal technology and the autistic child

From behavior tracking to digital therapy, there is an ever-growing range of ways technology can help autistic kids. Writing as both a tech expert and the mom of an autistic child, I mapped out some of the most effective ways we can put technology to work for our kids. This story appeared in the Journal’s Report on Health Care.

LinkCraft: Your guide to the LinkedIn/Minecraft merger

Gaming juggernaut Mojang, best known for its Minecraft platform, will acquire social network LinkedIn, technology outlets reported today. The acquisition was undertaken by Microsoft, an umbrella company that is largely unknown to most Minecraft users. The acquisition...

Kids’ Screen Time is a Feminist Issue

We love to second-guess moms who allow their kids too much screen time. But look back at the history of labour-saving innovations, and it’s clear we don’t like any invention that makes mothers’ lives easier.

How to Raise the Next Mark Zuckerberg

How can we prepare our kids for big-time tech entrepreneurship? This controversial story was featured on the cover of the Journal’s Report on Small Business, and teasered on the newspaper’s front page. I also created the content and data for a related sidebar, “Growing Up With Tech”.

How to tone down your tech

If you’re looking for a little online sanity, there are better options than a digital fast. My first post for the Headspace blog shares five great alternatives.

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