This blog rounds up my posts from around the web, including for the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal and Medium.

Star Trek Voyager: 18 episodes to watch with kids

  If you're introducing your kids to Star Trek, you might be tempted to start with the original series, or with The Next Generation. But our rigorous family testing shows that the original series is just too damn old and slow for kids these days, and TNG suffers...

12 ways to use Yelp as a writing and service platform

I have to make a confession. Yes, I have a blog, both here and on Medium. Yes, I write for a living, which means I get to work with awesome editors at a few different outlets. And yes, I've been known to write long-winded Facebook updates that cross over the invisible...

Vancouver residents get a taste of the future

This playful story about Vancouver’s role as the world’s sci-fi capital was backed up with numbers and graphics: a data set I developed myself, showing where supernatural productions are filmed, and a map of top Vancouver locations.

How to create short link stickers for your best content

In yesterday's Wall Street Journal, I share my favorite hacks for getting more out of conferences -- including the trick of making stickers that let me add a short link to my business cards. I love my short link stickers because they give me an immediate way of...

How Email destroyed the world

I spent the last day of Western Civilization addressing the very phenomenon that caused our collective downfall: email. On November 8th—Election Day—I spent six hours in a rented studio in Manhattan, taping a new class for Skillshare. Email Productivity: Work Smarter...

To Fix Fake News, Look to Yellow Journalism

Think “fake news” is a new phenomenon? This piece for JSTOR Daily looks at the long tradition of lousy journalism — most notably, the “yellow journalism” phenomenon of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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