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Silence the voice of your inner blogging critic

February 8, 2011

On especially bad days this is what the voice in my head says: But here’s the good news: there’s nothing like hearing your inner critic’s voice out loud to make you realize how ridiculous it is, especially if it’s rapping. So stop beating yourself up already, and write something. BUY I hate your blog by [...]

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Blogging hubris

January 19, 2011

Yesterday I made the mistake of bragging about how well I’ve been doing with my daily blogging practice. And tonight I thought I’d knock off a quick blog post that would keep me in my groove. Instead I found myself learning the ins and outs of last.fm, playlistify and spotify…not to mention download 4 new pieces [...]

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“Since I started blogging…”

December 6, 2010

I overhear more and more conversations about how people cope with their lives online. We talk about our day-to-day strategies for coping with e-mail overload. We gossip about our friends’ Facebook profiles and worry about whether we should be joining the latest social network. We criticize people who spend more time online than we do [...]

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Talking about grown-up love online

October 21, 2010

One of the great miracles of my life is the affection between our two kids. As an only child myself, I always feared the prospective challenge of playing referee among multiple offspring. From what I could see of multi-child families, parenting siblings looked not unlike the job of heading a large M&A practice, or brokering [...]

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How a small organization can build a content-driven social media presence

October 18, 2010

This is part 5 in a series, Social media for small organizations. Organizations with a limited audience (fewer than 100,000 people) or limited budget (less than $100k) face equally limited possibilities for eliciting user-generated content.  One strategy for developing an effective social media presence within these limitations is to create a site driven by RSS [...]

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Social media is the jar my brain sits in

October 14, 2010

Brain-in-a-jar images of the future are usually presented as dystopian. But for many years, I found the brain-in-a-jar lifestyle nothing short of enviable: what could be better than eternal life, or even just regular old life, than dispensing with the annoyances of living in a body and just being a talking brain in a jar. [...]

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3 ways short links can help you drive traffic to your blog or web site

September 30, 2010

This week I showed a colleague a few of my favorite tricks with link shorteners — you know, the services that replace http://www.YourVeryLongURL.com/then-the-directory-name/plus-the-long-name-of-that-specific-page with http://bit.ly/sh0rtl1nks. After sharing some tips with her I realized they were worth writing down. Short links help you drive traffic to your web site or blog by making it easier to [...]

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5 ways to get authentically naked

July 13, 2010

What’s the line between authenticity and over-disclosure? This post offers 5 ways you can keep track of the boundary between sharing and over-sharing.

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How to use Thesis to customize your teasers by page and category

July 10, 2010

I use the Thesis theme for my WordPress blog. Thesis is much beloved in the WordPress community because it allows a high degree of customization using its two pages of configuration menus, so even if you know nothing about PHP or CSS you can do a lot to customize your blog. And once you’re ready [...]

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Choosing a widget control plugin for WordPress

June 5, 2010

For the past few months I have used the Widget Context plugin on my WordPress blog in order to control where widgets show up on my site. Everything you see in the two right-hand columns of my site is widget-based, as are the 3 columns that display teasers for featured posts. But I don’t want [...]

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Tips for avoiding social media compulsion

June 3, 2010

Chris Brogan’s blog post, Your Blog is Not Your Job, contains some great tips on how keep blogging and social media from overtaking your primary work and focus. These include: Use an egg timer. If you’re going to venture out onto Twitter, time it. Keep a sticky note of your objectives in sight of your monitor. [...]

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