Yesterday I made the mistake of bragging about how well I’ve been doing with my daily blogging practice. And tonight I thought I’d knock off a quick blog post that would keep me in my groove.¬†Instead I found myself learning the ins and outs of, playlistify and spotify…not to mention download 4 new pieces of software…all with the intention of getting a playlist onto my blog. The result: I’m in yet another showdown, caught between my desire to emerge victorious over stubborn technology and my desire to get something in the vicinity of a night’s sleep.

I won’t consider myself defeated by this whole quest for the embeddable iTunes playlist, even though this is at least the third time I’ve looked for a solution. But it is a reminder of the delicate balance between blogging as writing and blogging as technology. In the same conversation that found me bragging about my blogging consistency, I told a colleague that I’ve forced myself to forswear hacking away on my blog setup unless I’m up-to-date on my actual blogging. It’s a good discipline that keeps me from spending 90% of my energy on the container and only 10% on the contents.

Tonight reminded me that it’s just as easy for the “content” to become an excuse for geeking out. And even when geeking out is (kind of) the point of your blog, trying out software is not the same as blogging.