Creating a visitor’s guide to your home tech setup

One of the joys of living in a multicultural society is the experience of welcoming someone from a different heritage into your home, and introducing them to the various artifacts, practices and beliefs of your own culture. It is in this spirit that we sometimes...

Can documentation save the world?

Yesterday I wrapped up my 2010 Home Media Overhaul and Documentation Festival with a blog post on why to watch TV. But I left another unanswered question on the table: why document your TV setup? Documentation is somewhere between a neurosis and a calling for me. As...

5 ways to protect your Mac’s looks and performance

Like any passionate affair, your romance with a new Mac can fizzle when you discover the limitations of your beloved. Your new Mac is much less likely to drive you crazy than that old machine running Windows Vista, but it’s not without the occasional quirk. Here are five highly recommended investments that will help protect you from software frustrations or hardware failures.


OK, I’m officially drinking the Drupal Koolaid. Boris skyped me through the process of putting our doc on choosing the platform right into the Drupal handbook itself. Now I feel all Drupally and won’t be able to sleep.

All Treo, some of the time

Well my Treo-ification is now well underway, which is to say that I’ve been immersed in the ever-exciting challenges of how to reorganize my life to be more Treo-friendly. (Oops — I meant to say, figure out how to use the Treo to live my previous life more...