10 ways to keep online dialogue on topic

I’ve spent the past two days at a Ohio State for a conference on Building Democracy Through Online Citizen Deliberation, which has been a terrifically productive gathering. One session consisted of an interesting conversation about how to structure online...

Coding for deliberation

One of my favourite organizations working on dialogue and deliberation challenges is the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD). They’ve done a great job of building community among people doing civic engagement, dialogue and deliberation work,...

Become an online engagement pro

This fall I’m teaching two e-engagement programs through Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. One of the programs is a TeleForum (a series of conference calls) so it’s accessible to participants anywhere in the world. Please let your colleagues and...

Tag blogging @ tagsonomy.com

As of today I’m moving some of my tag-related musings to You’re It, a blog on tagging that includes such venerable folksonomists as Jon Lebkowsky, Clay Shirky and Dave Weinberger. Rob hopes that this new outlet means that I’ll finally stop talking...

e-Engagement Tools That Fit

Organizations have tremendous cultural variations that need to be considered when designing an e-engagement plan or selecting e-engagement tools. E-engagement will be most successful when it’s based on tools that fit with the way an organization approaches technology and with the way it approaches engagement. Since organizations may approach internal (employee) engagement differently […]

Online engagement: strength in numbers

The Canadian Policy Research Network has released a new paper called “Democracy — Updating the Owner’s Manual” by Mary Pat MacKinnon, the Director of CPRN’s Public Involvement Network.

The paper provides a very useful introduction to citizen engagement, informed by CPRN’s own extensive experience in engaging over 2,000 Canadians in public dialogue. Mary Pat suggests […]

Pew Internet & American Life Project

Michael Cornfield of the Pew Internet & American Life Project notes an important newconsultation on Internet campaigning:
The Federal Election Commission opens public comment for sixty days on Monday, April 4 regarding its plan to renovate the online space for national politics.

The FEC’s proposals include provisions addressing online advertising and blogging, both major forces in the […]