One of my favourite organizations working on dialogue and deliberation challenges is the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD). They’ve done a great job of building community among people doing civic engagement, dialogue and deliberation work, and are the inspriation for the upcoming Canadian C2D2 conference.

Now NCDD is expanding its extensive web site and is looking for someone to do some PHP and MySQL Web development work. More details for you to peruse and forward to your favourite coders:

The specific project is called the “Learning Exchange.” This is essentially a redesign and expansion of a significant portion of the content available through our main website (, see the resources section).

The specific goals of the project are:

1. To provide a vast amount of information in an organized manner
2. To make specific information easier for users to find, both through browsing and through basic searches
3. To add a sophisticated ”needs-based” searching interface
4. To create an administrative interface that enables quick and easy management of the site’s content

Please look over our RFP at to learn more.