Social media opportunities for film and television

How can you conceive the social media project that will enrich your production company, broadcast network, film or TV show? That was the core question I spoke to today at Women in Film & Television Toronto, as part of their International Women in Digital Media...

How to create a great report summarizing your workshop’s results, with an example from Vancity’s Change Everything

We love the Concept Jam workshop for what happens in the room, as people get excited about the possibilities for social media in their organizations and their own work. And we love taking what happens in the room and teasing out the ideas and mashing them up with what we know ourselves until we can deliver a really varied, exciting set of options.

But in between the room and the

How to deliver a social media strategy workshop that builds capacity and finds opportunities

The Concept Jam is a workshop-based methodology for identifying an organization’s most promising social media opportunities.  It’s the part of our work that we love the most, and that we think gives the greatest value to our clients. It’s also the one part of our current service line-up that we hope to do even more of in the months and years to come. So we figured we’d put our money where our mouth is by giving that away first.