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Today, we’re releasing two documents that can help you structure a Concept Jam workshop.

The Concept Jam workshop agenda (doc) is the document we share with all the participants in a workshop. We create a custom agenda for each workshop, depending on client, participants and the time available (while we prefer a full day, we’ve done half-day versions by developing the list of audiences, goals and strengths ahead of time, in consultation with our client). In some instances a client wants to include stakeholders or audience members in the brainstorming portions of the workshop, so we’ll invite them to join the workshop at lunchtime, and use the morning to set up the audiences, goals and strengths lists as a strictly internal team conversation.

Today is the first time we’re sharing the workshop script (doc) with anyone outside of Social Signal. It’s what our principals use in delivering a Concept Jam workshop, and it draws on facilitation techniques we’ve learned elsewhere (like Aspiration’s terrific spectrograms) as well as on presentations we’ve developed for in-house. Once you’ve downloaded one of our PowerPoint decks (coming soon!) you could take this workshop script, walk into a room, Open SoSi Me! Follow @socialsignal for updatesand deliver a Concept Jam workshop yourself. But you’ll get better results if you take the time to get to know your client first, and in another few days, we’ll share the tools and processes that can help you do just that.

Please note that the script and the agenda don’t align completely; this is because each document changes over time, and we took them from different engagements.

We’re curious to hear whether other people have developed similar approaches to social media strategy development, or whether these tools look helpful for your upcoming projects. We’d also love to hear suggestions for improvement. So please do share your comments below, or tweet us with your thoughts.