How can I integrate my new blog with this one? Can I run a WordPress blog on a Drupal site? What should I do when my husband’s blog outranks mine on Technorati?

These are the dilemmas that require the help of the….
Blogtherapist text on couch

On the strength of his winning answers to these questions and more during tonight’s Vancouver blogger meetup, I am appointing Boris Mann as the first official blog therapist.

Do YOU have a question for the blog therapist? Post it as a comment here…or post it to your blog, and include this technorati tag:

<a href=”” rel=”tag”>boris mann</a>

Consider this an experiment in tag-hacking and April foolery as well as a chance for your own blog therapy: I’m betting that your Boris Mann-tagged post will show up . And your questions will definitely show up on the new Boris Mann Technorati page.