7 innovations that make travel easier

After seven years in which out-of-town travel was a relatively infrequent (and rushed) experience, I’m struck by how much easier air travel is now compared to my pre-parent days. Here are a few of the non-social-media innovations that make travel much better than it was in 2002.

Social media and the health sector: an introduction with case studies

Social capital, understood as the density of relationships and trust within a community, is a key determinant of health. Individuals are happier and healthier in communities with high levels of social capital, and high social capital communities have stronger economies and more stable political systems. This post provides an introduction to the role of social media in building social capital, illustrated with examples of how health care organizations are using social media for storytelling, connecting and knowledge management.

Scoring with Social Media: 6 Tips for Using Analytics

This blog post originally appeared on the Harvard Business Review site. Want to know your social media score? Fill in the following equation: (Twitter followers + Facebook friends + LinkedIn contacts) x (Total tweets + Twitterers you follow + Months on Facebook)...

How to monitor your blog’s comments using Twitter

Unlike my Twitter conversations, blog comments often take a day or two to hit my radar. Since Tweetdeck (my Twitter client) is my de facto engagement hub — the place where I engage in online conversation — it makes sense for me to track other conversations in that context. To that end, I’ve figured out a setup that pulls comments on my blog posts, plus blog posts about my writing or speaking, into Tweetdeck.

Five ways to say goodbye to scolding tweets

Twitter users love to scold their fellow tweeters — not to mention all the company, people and products that disappoint us off-line. Here’s how to break the nagging cycle.