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  • Boyd Neil

    Isn’t the main reason for seeking authorization through Facebbook Connect or Twitter OAuth so that companies can mine the data of the people registering? Or at least it is a subsidiary reason.

  • Nunyzbiz

    I was initially excited about Pinterest, but I quickly found concern that I couldn’t register without a connection to F or T.  Pinterest was my kind of entrance into Social Media through visual imagery, but I was stone cold stopped when I needed F or T for entry. 

  • bb

    I have a FB account, but keep it to a very few “friends”; I have no desire to go “public” with every detail of my life.  Therefore, when I discovered Pinterest requires signing up through FB, I backed off.  I am furniture refinisher/resaler, decorator, crafts person, baker/cook, and enjoy exercise and home improvement projects.  I could have enjoyed Pinterest, and others could have enjoyed my ideas, but alas…Pinterest, you lost me.

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