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End those digital fasts with these 5 April Fool’s Day pranks

March 26, 2013

Well, folks, it’s almost that time again: Easter. Also known as the end of Lent. Or what should be known as national coming out day for all the people who’ve just spent the past 40 days doing some kind of digital fast. They inevitably come back with a desire to enlighten us with their Enormous [...]

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The 23 stages of the task management software lifecycle

March 14, 2013

Totally on top of all pending tasks Moderate slippage of select tasks leads to mild anxiety Catastrophic failure to complete one or more mission-critical tasks leads to wholesale re-evaluation of career choice, self-worth and why are we even on this earth anyhow? Application of medication, coaching and/or psychotherapy scales existential crisis back to actionable item: [...]

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Which Facebook updates could you live without?

January 19, 2013

The beauty of being married to a man with absolutely no interest in sports is that I would remain blissfully unaware of the start of hockey season, at least until I get to the office Monday, were it not for Facebook and Twitter, which are suddenly overflowing with Canucks-related blah blah blah. That’s a problem [...]

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More jobs of the future: essential staff for your tech lifestyle

August 22, 2012

A while ago I blogged a list of anticipated jobs of the future: new categories of employment that will be necessitated by our increasingly plugged-in lives. It’s time to add a few to the list: Update concierge: 2 laptops + 2 home computers + 1 ipad + 1 iphone + 2 ipod touches = 5,842,102 [...]

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Another view of the Internet in 1971

March 27, 2011

Rob Cottingham, who was actually around in 1971, remembers the early Internet a little differently. He’s annotated the Computer History Museum‘s 1971 ARPAnet map, which I included in my kick-off on my 40 years of looking back on the Internet: Thanks, Rob, for this early birthday present.

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For Lent, I’ve decided to give up reading about digital fasts

March 21, 2011

Gosh, how I love digital fasts. And Lent 2011 has given us a bumper crop of digital fasters who now find 40 days without Facebook (or Twitter) more profound and painful than a month without booze, TV or smokes. Well, if they can live without us for 40 days (sniff!) then we can live without [...]

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Mac users, meet your menu bar

February 9, 2011

Can you recognize the signs of SMBB? Selective Menu Bar Blindness affects millions of Mac users, but has yet to be widely recognized as a chronic and debilitating condition. Patient X — let’s call her “Shmalexandra” — was treated for a classic presentation of the disorder. SMBB typically presents as occlusion of the left peripheral vision, causing [...]

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The biggest WikiLeaks disclosure yet

January 31, 2011

The cover story of yesterday’s New York Times Magazine is a must-read piece about the New York Times’ experience covering the stories that emerged from the WikiLeaks source material. Editor Bill Keller talks about how the Times approached this unusual source material, how it collaborated with other news organizations, and how the Obama administration’s measured [...]

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