This blog rounds up my posts from around the web, including for the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal and Medium.

12 ways to use Yelp as a writing and service platform

I have to make a confession. Yes, I have a blog, both here and on Medium. Yes, I write for a living, which means I get to work with awesome editors at a few different outlets. And yes, I've been known to write long-winded Facebook updates that cross over the invisible...

Vancouver residents get a taste of the future

This playful story about Vancouver’s role as the world’s sci-fi capital was backed up with numbers and graphics: a data set I developed myself, showing where supernatural productions are filmed, and a map of top Vancouver locations.

How to create short link stickers for your best content

In yesterday's Wall Street Journal, I share my favorite hacks for getting more out of conferences -- including the trick of making stickers that let me add a short link to my business cards. I love my short link stickers because they give me an immediate way of...

How Email destroyed the world

I spent the last day of Western Civilization addressing the very phenomenon that caused our collective downfall: email. On November 8th—Election Day—I spent six hours in a rented studio in Manhattan, taping a new class for Skillshare. Email Productivity: Work Smarter...

To Fix Fake News, Look to Yellow Journalism

Think “fake news” is a new phenomenon? This piece for JSTOR Daily looks at the long tradition of lousy journalism — most notably, the “yellow journalism” phenomenon of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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