My life is basically a series of social network and web app sign-ups, with a few friends, colleagues and tasks stuffed into the interstitial moments. So the arrival this week of Path — what some people might consider YAFSN (Yet Another F*ing Social Network) — was my chance to return to my natural state, namely, the process of adding contacts to YAFFL (Yet Another F*ing Friend List).

The central gimmick of Path is that this is one friend list where you won’t be judged by how many friends/followers/connections you amass. Path limits your total number of network connections to a circle of 50 intimate friends, so that you will be able to share your most personal moments: Your kid’s latest art project. The super-hot guy you saw in a cafĂ© who you photographed surreptitiously. Your panic over a total hair melt-down.

As someone who blogs or tweets just about anything that is less personal than the above, I was excited about finally unleashing my remaining .0003% of undocumented moments onto the Internet. Step 1, of course, was to select my 50 people…starting from the pals already signed up on Path. (I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to spamming my address book with invitations to social networks they haven’t joined yet.)

This is a representative sample of who I had to choose from:

Screen shot of social network contact names, all men, on the Path

As happens whenever I join the latest shiny social network, virtually everyone who has beaten me to the punch is a dude working in tech. (Maggie Fox, bless you for getting there first or it would have been ALL guys!) Lord knows, I love these guys (hey, I married one). But as much as I adore Marshall Kirkpatrick, I don’t think he wants to hear about my hair.

So here’s what I need: some LadyJoiners. I’m talking about women who are compulsive early adopters; women who will show up in the first few weeks of just about any social network, ready to trade stories or advice or locations or dog photos or whatever that particular site happens to be about. Women who want to know that when they join the latest social network, they aren’t walking into a room full of guys.

Please, send me your LadyJoiners — in comments below, or on Twitter with the hashtag #ladyjoiners.