Video: 10 reasons to stop apologizing for your online life

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It’s time to stop apologizing for your life online.
That was the central message of my talk at TEDx Victoria in November, now on YouTube. From valuing your online attention to taking your online creativity seriously as real art, I argue that we can only unlock the potential of the Internet when we stop talking about “IRL” — In Real Life. Instead, we need to embrace our online lives as part of our real lives; as RLT — Real Life Too.

This talk expands on my blog post for HBR. Watch it here, and find out the story behind the picture above (by LMS Photography,) which is my new favourite photo of me ever.

My talk was part of an extraordinary day that included inspiring presentations by Norma Cameron, Dave Morris, Victoria Westcott, Jim Tanaka and Raffi Cavoukian (yes, that Raffi) among many others. I was honoured to part of the line-up, and hope you’ll check out all of the terrific TEDx talks now online.

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    I really appreciating with your blog.Great information for everyone.These tips are stop the apologizing in online life.


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