Steve Jobs is the rare tech innovator who will be remembered as much for his aesthetics as for contributions to functionality. No wonder that so much of his legacy can be captured graphically:

1. The history

For an at-a-glance overview of the intertwined histories of Jobs and Apple, it’s hard to beat this scrollable timeline by Varad Choudhari.

Slice of timeline shows events of 2010-11

2. The wisdom

Newsweek’s Daily Beast compiled Steve Jobs: His 10 Commandments. It’s a very appealing round-up of the basic principles that drove the genius of Jobs. If you want to absorb the wisdom of the master, this is a great place to start.

Jobs face with Commandment 7, Keep your secrets


3. The patents

The New York Times created this extraordinary round-up of the 317 Apple patents that included Steve Jobs as one of the inventors.

"Oddities" category includes patents for display devices

4. The digressions

This quirky timeline pulls out selected moments from the life of Jobs, going well beyond the story of Jobs’s life at Apple.

1986 notes that Jobs started NEXT

5. The launches

This timeline-style ode from GigaOM includes many choice quotes, and rounds up the key product launches that constitute much of the Jobs legacy.


Quote from 1977 Apple II launch with cartoon image

6. The factoids

This graphic slightly overpromises with its claim to present 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs (shocker: Jobs wore a black turtleneck and jeans every day) but there are some great lesser-known tidbits here, beautifully presented.


Infographic discusses Jobs' passion for calligraphy

7. The kidz

Shortly after Jobs resigned as Apple CEO, Sodahead shared this infographic summing up the reaction of 675 members of its online youth opinion panel.

Sodahead poll shows 73% Apple will survive Jobs's departure

8. The transition

Online Colleges suggested that the key to Apple’s post-Jobs future was Apple University, and they created an infographic that maps out how Apple University works.

diagram shows how Apple University is structured

9. The country

Trendsmap show the cross-country density of tweets in memory of Steve Jobs, as of 10:30 pm Pacific time this evening.

Map of US with tweets reading #ripsteve


10. The memories

A search on tonight showed the words being used most frequently in tweets about Jobs.

Twitter tag cloud shows words used in combination with "Steve Jobs"