In any migration, there are those who go ahead to settle the wilds, and those who linger to ensure that nothing gets left behind. While each of us now makes a different choice about how much of our lives to live online, those differences should not be turned into an ideological divide between “digital utopians” and “digital skeptics”, an economic divide between digital haves and have-nots, or a cultural divide between those who identify as early adopters and those who cling to the “real” world. We can’t throw the reluctant migrants off the boat and wish them luck in the old world.

That’s an excerpt from The Great Online Migration, which I published last week in the National Geographic Assignment Blog. I was delighted that Lou Lesko, who edits the blog for National Geographic, invited me to contribute. This post was something I have been writing in my head for quite a long time. I really hope you’ll read it.