Lisa Barone made my day with an extraordinary blog post, Back When Social Media Was Human… She jumped off from the piece I post this week on the Harvard Business Review site, on The Devolving Meaning of Social Media, and pointed to one particular quote that she recommended as a touchstone for those moments when you need a reminder of why you’re doing social media anyhow.

But Lisa’s own words included a line that’s going to become a touchstone for me:

Last month, Matt Ridings asked if our addiction to ROI was killing social media. I don’t know if it’s killing it, but I think it’s definitely responsible for the vocabulary shift we’re seeing. We now live in a world where you have to show the ROI for answering a customer’s question on Twitter. And while I understand the need to prove the worth of an activity, it seems like we’re moving backwards when we’re putting a price on being human.

Thanks, Lisa, for reminding me that we shouldn’t have to establish the ROI for being a human being.