I’m not just the t-shirt girl: I’m going to be live and in person at BlogHer this weekend, facilitating a fantabulous advanced tools session with Marnie Webb and George Oates. Marnie has set up an Advanced Tools blog just for our session.

We hope that BlogHer attendees will contribute their own blog posts, Flickr photos, del.icio.us links and other goodies by tagging them powerbloghers. Don’t worry about whether your links are specifically about power blogging; start by adding your own blog, your photo, or anything else you think is interesting that other people might want to check out.

And while I’m on the BlogHer theme, here’s another challenge to BlogHer attendees: it’s a Technorati world….and I for one am OBSESSED with my Technorati ranking. So how about us all giving each other a boost up ye olde Technorati rank ladder by blogging as many of our fellow BlogHer attendees as possible…and not just the talking heads.

I’m starting right now my sending greets to Ashley Richards, the lovely Lassa, Marian Douglas and Marti. You sound like interesting women and I am looking forward to meeting all of you!