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I published 231 blog posts on this site in 2011. Of those, here are the 11 most popular posts: the posts that had the most pageviews. I’ll be sharing more top 11 lists over the next few days, including my own favorite posts of this year — both on this site, and elsewhere.

  1. 25 rules of social media netiquette: As part of my 40-day blogging project on the first 40 years of life online, I round up wisdom from 25 different bloggers on how to behave well online.
  2. On the dangers of crowdsourced surveillance: This blog post about the social media response to the Vancouver hockey riots was published on the same day as my Harvard Business Review blog post, among the first to raise concerns about the prospect of online vigilantism.
  3. 10 ways Evernote can train you to think like a social media power user: Evernote is more than the most awesome digital notebook you could ever want on the web your desktop your iPhone your iPad your Android every device you can think of. It can actually train you in the work habits and thought processes that will make you a wickedly effective social media user.
  4. How to write a blog post in 10 minutes: As part of my series on social media in 3 hours a week, I explain how to write a useful, polished blog post in 10 minutes — and just in case you don’t believe me, supply a real-time screencast of me doing just that.
  5. How to sustain a social media presence in 3 hours a week: From finding inspiration in Google Reader to scheduling your blog posts and tweets, this post walks you through the steps and weekly workflow that will allow you to maintain a useful and effective social media presence in just 3 hours a week.
  6. Using Syncplicity and Dropbox to put Google Docs on your desktop: If you spend a lot of time uploading and downloading to and from Google Docs, or you simply prefer working in Word and/or Excel, this neat trick will help you keep your Google Docs automatically synchronized to your desktop or laptop (and even your iPad or iPhone, if you use Dropbox on them).
  7. Delete your Klout profile and be more than a Klout score: In a companion piece to the Social Sanity Manifesto at Harvard Business Review, I walk you through the steps of deleting your Klout profile — even if you didn’t know you had one.
  8. Respecting the billable hour: Would you ask someone for $500? If your answer is no, read this post so you’ll know whether, when and how it’s ok to ask for (or give) a pro bono hour of someone’s otherwise billable time.
  9. 4 great ways to use Evernote with Skitch today — plus 14 new possibilities: With the news that Evernote acquired Skitch, an image capture tool, two of my very software products became part of a single company. This post outlines the ways these two apps can and should be used together.
  10. Crowdsourced repression: Could it happen here?: This post digs into the the question of how the social media response to Vancouver’s hockey riots raised the spectre of authoritarianism.
  11. The dangers of relying on Facebook and Twitter authentication: Pinterest may have been my favorite new software tool of 2011. But its early reliance on Facebook and Twitter authentication kept me from sharing it with my best friends — and demonstrated the reason you should be cautious in designing sites that do all their sign-ups via other social networks.

I’m pleased so many people have enjoyed these 11 posts from 2011. In the next part of this series, I’ll show you 11 more posts that are worth a second look.

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