Rob and I have each been responsible for a few switch-hitters in our time, and we know it’s not easy leaving the comfortable majority to be part of what is all-too-often seen as an “alternative lifestyle”. You’ve been part of the 90% majority; now you’re the one-in-ten.

We’ve spent many hours helping friends through the personal and professional implications of crossing over to the other side, and we’ve learned about how to make the switch a bit easier. In fact, we’ve found that for those who embrace their new identity, the switch is a process of discovery and celebration.

No, this isn’t the post about our new logo: it’s my guide to switching to the Mac. Over the next week, I’ll walk you through the five steps to becoming a happy and fulfilled Mac user after years in the PC closet. Here’s what I’ll cover:

  1. Have it both ways: Yes, you’re a now a Mac user, but you want to hedge your bets: maybe you wonder about switching back, or maybe you’re not yet ready to let your PC friends know about your new lifestyle. Welcome to the wonderful world of cross-platform apps: applications you can use on your Mac, but let you keep your choice of platform as open — or private — as you want. For each of the key applications you’ll need as a Mac user, I’ll help you choose between the Mac-native option and the cross-platform alternative. Read it now >>
  2. Use protection: Among consenting adults, there’s nothing more beautiful than the embrace of a Macintosh. But like any major choice, it carries risks. I’ll cover the ins- and outs of responsible Mac use, from the importance of keeping your hardware under wraps to the best sources of knowledge about safe play. Read it now >>
  3. Enjoy the perks: Don’t settle for equality: embrace the ways in which Mac users have it better than their PC-loving friends. I’ll tell you about four Mac-only apps that will make you more effective than ever. Read it now >>
  4. Be yourself: While Mac users are a loving community, no two Mac users are alike. Going Mac isn’t about running the same OS your friends use, and there’s no playbook that tells you the right way to be a Mac user. You need to put your own stamp on that Mac; I’ll walk you through options for customizing your system and using the Finder in your own special way. Read it now >>
  5. Celebrate Mac pride: Being a Mac user is about much more than the computer you use. You’ll know your switch is complete when Mac attitude pervades not only your files, but your heart. I’ll share my tips for getting in a Mac state of mind. Read it now >>

Work your way through these stages, and I hope you’ll find plenty of joy in your new Mac lifestyle. To Rob Mickey, Sandi Millman, and all the other recent switchers in our life: welcome to the team.