In recent weeks I’ve had trouble using Chrome to post to my WordPress blog: after typing just a few words, Chrome froze and asked me to kill the page.

Today I discovered that this is the result of a known issue with TinyMCE, which WordPress uses for WYSIWYG editing. The latest developer builds of Chrome (10+, it seems) don’t play nicely with TinyMCE. I hadn’t intended to run Chrome in a developer build, but somewhere along the line I must have updated — I vaguely recall doing this while trying out some piece of software that needed a developer build (why I thought this was a smart experiment, I can’t tell you).

Anyhow, the problem was easily solved: I simply quit Chrome, dragged the application to the Trash, emptied Trash, and then re-downloaded the latest stable (non-developer) build of Chrome (what you get when you google Chrome and follow the download link). And now I’m cured! All my extensions emerged intact and Chrome once again works fine for editing in WordPress.