Last night I finally installed OS X Lion. What makes this surprising:

  1. I waited three whole weeks from the time of release! A new record of personal restraint in holding off from the pain and suffering of early adoption.
  2. The tipping point for me to finally make time for an install was a Facebook update from my friend Troy Angrignon who for once is more hyperbolically enthusiastic than I am about an Apple product.
  3. I used Time Machine to back up my entire computer before upgrading, rather than totally messing up my computer with an upgrade and then cursing myself for upgrading.
  4. I spent my first 3 hours as a Lion user organizing my existing apps in Launchpad rather than installing new apps.
  5. Despite upgrading my OS and bringing my apps to a new level of tidiness and alphabetization, I am still fundamentally the same person I was yesterday. Sigh.