Tailor your voice to each place you use social media

“I make leather armour.” That’s a sentence I never expected to hear in this lifetime. In fact, until about 4:30 yesterday afternoon, I didn’t know what leather armour was. I din’t know that leather armour existed. Leather armor, it turns...

5 ways to get authentically naked

What’s the line between authenticity and over-disclosure? This post offers 5 ways you can keep track of the boundary between sharing and over-sharing.

The problem with social media “reputation management”

If you’ve been tracking the rise of social media services, you may have noticed how many are pitched as reputation management. “Reputation” is really just an efficient way of saying “what other people think about you”. And if you look at...

NIche messaging with social media: going for the Golden Graham

The Golden Graham Effect is what happens when a product or service achieves a consistent and coherent brand, despite offering different benefits to different audiences. Today, social media doesn’t just offer the opportunity for niche messaging. It introduces the informational equivalent of nutritional labeling for every product, and every service on the market.