Top 2011 posts from other sites

For the past week, I’ve been rounding up the top posts from 2011 on this site — both your favourites and my own. Today, I’m closing out the year by sharing 11 of the best posts I’ve read elsewhere this year. There are many others that belong on...

Top how-tos and tech tips of 2011

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These top 2011 posts offer tech tips and how-tos on social media, web apps and blogging. From creating a desktop folder that stays in sync with Google Docs, to configuring Facebook to protect your kids’ privacy, you’ll find step-by-step help for getting things done online.

What the Internet did for you in 2011

My year-end post for the Harvard Business Review asked the question, What did the Internet do for you this year? In that post, I wrote: Appreciating the moments when our online work and lives just click tells us that all this time we spend online is not a compulsion,...