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If you’re organized, enjoy working with technology, and want your work to have social value, you could be the newest member of Social Signal ( We’re a Vancouver web company that supports innovative online communities. We work with leading social entrepreneurs in the non-profit, government and business sectors who share our excitement about using technology to help people work together, connect communities, and create lasting change.

The best part of working with Social Signal is the close contact with organizational leaders who are breaking new ground in the innovative use of technology for social change. No, wait — the best part is fiddling with blog software until you turn a tool for one-way publication into a platform for community conversation. Or maybe it’s finding out that a network we set up actually helped somebody to get a piece of information or establish a relationship that changed her life. Or maybe it’s spending a day playing with a nifty new web service — just because you have a gut feeling that it could be exactly the tool you’ll need on a project six months from now.

Now Social Signal wants to hire an Office & Web Manager, an entry-level position with room for growth. This person will be responsible for finding, creating and organizing the wide range of information needed to keep our business — and our clients’ online communities — buzzing along. If you’re community-oriented, tech-friendly, and already living in Vancouver, this could be you.

Job responsibilities include:

– office management including filing, invoicing and correspondence
– administrative support such as booking travel, managing schedules and finding suppliers
– configuring and troubleshooting web sites for socially-oriented online communities (you don’t need to be a programmer or web designer, but you do need to enjoy learning new software programs or web tools)
– researching, writing and/or copy editing blog posts and case studies
– writing how-to guides to help community members use advanced online tools with ease and confidence
– identifying and exploring new web sites, tools and strategies

You’re not in the office anymore, Dorothy: a day at Social Signal could include a phone call from our living room with an international NGO; a brisk dog walk while we talk about the latest dialogue techniques; a meeting in our favourite cafĂ© to hammer out a new web site; or curling up on your sofa at home while searching for the best airfares to San Jose. And since our professional partnership is also a personal partnership, a typical day may include playing some of our favourite games: “Have you checked out this web site?” “What’s a good synonym for ’empower’?” and of course the eternal, “Do you know where my iPod went?”

Working closely with two of Canada’s leading online community strategists, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to extend your writing, problem-solving, research and technical skills. We have extensive experience in the non-profit, public and private sectors, and a large network of local, national and international colleagues and clients that you’ll be working with on a regular basis. While you expand your professional network and skills, we also hope you’ll enjoy being part of our personal network of technology leaders and community advocates in Vancouver and abroad.

Social Signal is offering an unusual opportunity to come in on the ground floor of a business with the experience, reputation and credentials to go sky-high. If your enthusiasm for technology is matched only by your passion for social change, you’ll find that the joy of working with kindred spirits can be matched by the thrill of helping communities use the Internet in ways they never imagined.

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