I try not to be an evangelist about keto. Really, I do. But my two-year “keto-versary” has hit right as many people are coping not only with all the bread-induced weight gain of Covid, but with the mental health impact of isolation and anxiety. Much to my surprise, I’ve managed to keep my cool (sorta) despite the Covid pressure—and that’s largely due to the mental health benefits of the ketogenic diet.

Today in Medium’s Elemental, I share what psychiatrists know about how keto supports mental health — as well as my own lessons on making it work. As I write in my story,

The reason I’ve stayed with the ketogenic diet is because it’s transformed my mental well-being. After a lifetime of struggle with anxiety and mood swings, I am now a relatively relaxed, calm, and stable human. My energy levels are through the roof: Now that my metabolism burns fat instead of carbs, I sleep one or two hours less each night than I used to, and I rarely feel tired or need an alarm to wake up. And I’ve gone from being a nightly pot smoker to being 100% sober.

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