There are online activities I never get around to — like organizing my photo library — and then there are the activities that are my eternal time sucks. To qualify for my top ten list, an online vice has to:

  • Be something that I have spent 2+ hours on in the course of a single evening, for at least 3 evenings, going back at least a year. (Some absorb me for 5 hours at least once a month and go back as far as a decade.)
  • Have no significant impact except on my Visa bill.
  • Be fun.
  • Have no Ultimate Answer.

Here are my ten worst offenses:

  1. Trying out project management and task management software.
  2. Finding more people to follow on my secret alter ego Twitter account.
  3. Finding and downloading (but not necessarily trying) new iPhone apps.
  4. Trying out new WordPress plugins.
  5. Virtual window shopping for (and occasionally actually buying) Wonder Woman stuff.
  6. Registering domain names.
  7. Finding new hip hop or R&B artists on iTunes and making playlists from their music.
  8. Searching for the perfect red patent leather shoes and purse.
  9. Finding, downloading and trying out new Mac system-tweaking utilities
  10. Setting up aggregation on Drupal sites that I never actually turn on.

But there is hope! I’ve now fully recovered from past vices like trying out new social bookmarking sites, and shopping for wall decals.

What are your online vices?