Between the Christmas break and the season of New Year’s resolutions, I was braced for a flurry of blog posts about the merits of unplugging — a phenomenon I was already tired of by the end of last summer, as I wrote about for HBR. So imagine my delight when I read this dispatch from the offline frontiers:

Boy, did I feel cut off from the world! Not having Social Media access was strange…

I’ve always enjoyed everyone’s posts whether it was about the news or just learning something new.  Passing on information became a fun part of my day.  I enjoyed sharing things I found interesting, and seeing others post what they found just as fascinating to them.  The accessibility 24 hours a day….anytime you log on – it’s all there, all the info you can dive into!

That’s just one of 5 reasons that Joyce Ma says she won’t miss her 30 days of “tweet sobriety”. Read her full post here.