Today’s practice: Focus on quality, not quantity.

Today’s tweets are full of references to New Year’s resolutions: “Tweet more”. “Tweet less”. “Blog more”. “Blog less.” “Check Facebook no more than once a day.” “Check Facebook at least once a day.”

You get the idea.

Like at least one other notable aspect of human intercourse, social media conversation has become preoccupied by how much. How much is too little? How much is too much? How much is just right?

Here’s one case where we should listen to the conventional wisdom: it’s not how much, it’s how you use it.

So this year, let go of your expectations for how much. Let go of your fears about enough. Let go of your fantasy that you’re going to offer more than the next guy.

And instead, focus on using what you’ve got. Give us one perfect tweet, every day. Post to YouTube just once this year, if that’s the one brilliant video you capture with your phone. Blog five times in a week, and then go dark until you’ve got fresh inspiration a month or two later.

Even if you’re strategic and consistent about posting regularly on 5 different social media platforms, give yourself one where you can let go of how much, and focus purely on quality. Having one social network where you’re freed from worrying about “how much” may be the key to discovering a new depth of thought, quality and sincerity in what you post. And if all if does is shift your preoccupation with how much, well, that will be enough.