It was bound to happen sooner or later: someone has actually offered some actually human level, common sense about RTs. You know RTs: “retweets”, the Twitter equivalent of blowing a kiss, or maybe it’s more like picking the lice out of someone’s hair and eating it.

Anyhow, I love Garry Polmateer of Association Tech, for writing up a very sane set of guidelines on Twitter etiquette, including these on RTing:

  • If it’s someone who went out of their way to RT something I said, I will thank them.
  • If it’s someone who I regularly trade RT’s with back and forth, I may not thank them since we’re reciprocating RT’s
  • If it’s someone who RT’d or promoted a blog post that I wrote and I’m mentioned in the tweet, I will try to thank them
  • If a bot or spammer RT’s something that I said, I will not thank them.

Lots more good advice from Garry in the full post here.

via Social Media Etiquette … A Few Thoughts #Assnchat – associationTECH.