How do you decide to view or relate to different friends on Facebook? As with all things in life, this can be described by a 2×2 matrix:

Love this person Not so much
Entertaining Facebooker Add to my “A1 pals” list, which is the news feed I look at most of the time Leave on generic Friends list
Boring or annoying Facebooker Hide from newsfeed:

  • Hover over a newsfeed item, to the right of the person’s name
  • A down-pointing arrow will appear; click it & choose “Hide…”
  • The story will be hidden, and you’ll see the option “Change what updates you get from John” (hey Facebook, that should be which updates)
  • Check or uncheck items based on how much of this person’s news you want to see:

checkmarks indicate which updates will be seen

Put on restricted list