It’s week two of the school year — or it would be, if we weren’t in the middle of an increasingly frustrating (though well-justified) teachers’ strike. We’re experiencing the school outage a little differently at our house, because this also marks the beginning of our experience homeschooling our younger child. And while we’re lucky to have found a phenomenal tutor and some terrific programs for home-based learners, I’m still trying to figure out tiny details like when to schedule calls, when to make lunch dates with colleagues and when to shower.

But what better way to summarize my own experience of our first few days of homeschooling than with a pie chart? Here it is.

How a homeschooling and working mom spends her time

If my workday no longer bears a lot of relationship to what normal people consider working hours, I know I’m incredibly lucky to have work that I can do at 5 a.m. or 11:30 pm or in the hallway outside my kid’s gym class. I’m even luckier to have an employer who is accommodating this setup for the next few months. Not everyone has a lot of flexibility in balancing work and kids — especially, kids with special needs — as all too many of us have realized during the current labour impasse.

Oh, and before you ask: this pie chart is based on the relaxed version of data storytelling.