About an hour ago I tweeted the following:

Desperately trying to think of a tweet that makes it clear I’m tweeting from the plane, w/out making it sound like that’s the point.

The responses to this tweet were so fantastic that I just have to round them up:

dethe@awsamuel Just tweet your GPS coordinates, with elevation and velocity, we’ll figure it out

BigCoastBrands@awsamuel just a plane old tweet?

Rosger@awsamuel How about something like: “I’m Tweeting on a plane Mother *&^er!”

sparker9@awsamuel how about, there’s room for nothing but innovation in the middle seats?

HerraincoBrand@awsamuel Hmmm. I can’t. But I did it anyway!!

elightkeeper@awsamuel How about “why do airplane phones create the illusion you could buzz somebody in?”. Seriously.

sillygwailo@awsamuel Twitter should include altitude as well as location in metadata, just so that one can subtly gloat.

Rosger@awsamuel Just say: “Yeah, Tweeting on a flying plane everyone, no big deal though. Just sayin, that’s all” That’s what I would say.

But the most strategically awesome and hilarious response, IMBO, came from my friend and client Deb LeRose:

jdcasa@awsamuel Hashtags are the answer for everything. #tweetsonaplane

By the way, did I mention…I’m blogging on a plane!!!