The future of online nostalgia


Sometimes the only thing that makes the glitchiness of the Internet tolerable is the expectation that one day we will laugh nostalgically about the old days.

Remember how we used to have iPads, but they couldn’t see anything in Flash?

Oh yeah — FLASH!!! LOL

Remember how we used to use our phones to post to Facebook, but you could never get the privacy settings right from your phone?

LOL — privacy!!

Remember how annoying it used to be when you lost something on a webform after spending all that time typing it in?

Ha! Typing!

Except the most awesomest thing is that with our post-iPad, post-Facebook, post-typing, post-privacy Internet, we won’t even have to ask our buddies if they remember — because we’ll be able to beam an immersive flashback directly to their in-brain implants.

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  1. branded items

    in this  modern world of ours online stuffs are one of the things that internet had provided us. A lot of people tend to rely on online stuffs like emails and more when before all we can do is write a telegram to someone we want to communicate. When we send some pictures or even album on a certain even while now it’s just a matter of seconds to upload pictures in the internet.

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