Gillian Shaw’s delightful weekend story in the Vancouver Sun covered online alternatives to cable, and outed me once again as the World’s Most Committed Cross-Platform TV Consumer:

And then there are the techno geeks like Vancouver’s Alexandra Samuel opting for a hybrid solution with a lineup that includes cable service, Apple TV, U.S.-based Hulu movie and TV online streaming plus a few other items that you usually don’t read about in anything less technical than a trade publication.

Gillian was being very polite in eliding over those “few other options”, possibly because they are a little nebulous in legal terms. But for those of you who are curious about exactly what is in the whole package, my 2010 Home Media Centre Overhaul and Documentation Festival including a list of ingredients in our current home media setup.

Astonishingly and embarrassingly, it has been three full months since I wrote that ingredient list, and I have yet to add any hardware or software to the picture. In fact, the biggest change I’ve made in that entire time was to round out our Plex setup, which formerly separated our video content into Grownup Movies, Grownup TV, Kid Movies and Kid TV. I’ve now added a fifth, discrete category: Star Trek.

How will I hang onto that “techno geek” title?