It has recently come to my attention that many people seem to be unable to recognize whether their preferred frozen dessert is ice cream. At last! A modern dilemma I can actually solve, thanks to this handy 2×2:

Is it ice cream?

  Butterfat content
  10 to 20% Less than 10%
Ice cream flavors (chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel, cookies and cream) Yes, this is ice cream. Enjoy! You may be eating gelato, which is ok, as long as you know it isn’t ice cream.
Flavors that aren’t ice cream flavors, or maybe not even food flavors (lavender, bone marrow & bourbon cherries — no, I am not making this up) Artisanal yuppie pseudo-food. Be honest, you would be way happier with a nice scoop of chocolate peanut butter swirl. I am worried you are eating some kind of vegan coconut thing, which is fine, but don’t delude yourself: that is not ice cream. Go eat a piece of fruit — and no, you can’t call that ice cream, either.