My latest post for JSTOR Daily looks at the value of dystopian fiction to those of us trying to navigate a complicated digital world and an even more confusing future. The post mentions many of my favorite dystopian reads, so I thought I would offer a handy list of books that can fuel any anxiety. Find the book for your latest worry below.

Bio-engineering: Oryx and Crake or The Windup Girl

China:  China Mountain Zhang

Cloning: Never Let Me Go

Colonialism: The Mechanical or Cloud Atlas

Disease: Station Eleven

Drugs: Afterparty

Gender:  The Handmaid’s Tale or Woman on the Edge of Timev

Inequality:  On Such a Full Sea  or The Heart Goes Last

Media: The Diamond Age

Megacorporations: Jennifer Government or He, She and It

Psychological profiling: The Affinities

Robots: Robopocalypse

Sleep: Beggars in Spain or Sleep Donation

(un)Natural disasters: Spin or The Age of Miracles

Virtual reality: Snow Crash or  Ready Player One or Neuromancer

War:  The Forever War or The Gone-Away World

Zombies: The Girl with All the Gifts

If you have a worry (or book) that isn’t on this list, let me know in the comments!