This week I participated in a fireside chat with Rochelle Grayson for Canadian Women in Communications, on The Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing. It was the scrappiest conversation I’ve ever had from a (notional) podium, probably because Rochelle and I know and respect each other enough to feel comfortable mixing it up — a great recipe that I’ll look for in the future.

But one place where we agreed was on how we use Facebook: both of us try to keep our Facebook presences as our personal spaces online. Angela Crocker, the author of the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creating a Social Network, said that she does the same thing.

That’s why I wrote an open letter last year to my Facebook “friends”, explaining that I was going to subject my Facebook network to the Pajama Test: ┬áif I don’t know you so well that I’d feel comfortable hanging out with you in my PJs, you don’t get to read all my Facebook content.

But enforcing the Pajama Test is not just about how I handle privacy settings, new friend requests or other rules of netiquette. In some cases, it requires a little retrospective triage.

Today’s Internet tune speaks to this particular modern dilemma: (I unfriended you on) facebook, by Par Trick.