What am I choosing to do on the Web?

That’s one of the key choices you’ll need to make this year, as we set the course for how social media will integrate into our lives and reshape the world. In my blog post today for HBR,  Social Media in 2011: Six Choices You Need to Make, I write about how to bring more intention to your time online:

The pace of our online lives intensifies the need for absolutely clarity about our personal and professional goals: the Internet hurls so many tasks, distractions and genuine opportunities our way that it’s easy to get blown off course. But if you’re clear about what you want the web to do for you — the kinds of relationships you want to build, the conversations you want to have, the ideas you want to express — your time online can actually support and sharpen your vision for a fulfilling life. Make 2011 the year in which the web becomes a means of pursuing your personal and professional priorities, rather than an end in itself.

Read about all six choices and how to make them here.