Early adopters are the hardest folks to shop for. As an early adopter married to yet another early adopter, we struggle to find good gifts, since we own every gadget we need, and many we don’t. That’s why you’ve got to surprise us with something so new that it hasn’t yet arrived at Best Buy. But you don’t want to feed our tech fetishism with yet another device. Instead, help us make saner use of the tech to which we’re already welded. A great bet is a keyboard case that will speed up the pace of our relentless tap-tap-tapping on iPhone and iPad screens: this case turns the iPhone into a slider phone with a keyboard, and this case does the equivalent for an iPad. Just make sure your geek promises to use the keyboard to type faster, and not more.

That’s just one of 7 digital gifts I recommend today over at the Harvard Business Review. All 7 are aimed at helping the people you love use technology in a way that makes their digital lives saner and more meaningful. Enjoy!